Prevent Winter Weeds with Fall Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Sep 7, 2021Weed Control

Take advantage of fall pre-emergent weed control to safeguard your yard next season. The weeds emerging now will crop up during the winter and spring months, choking out your grass. Take precautions today to keep your lawn from dying out or succumbing to disease while under weed stress. Follow these fall pre-emergent weed control steps to prevent winter weeds from overtaking your lawn.

Apply fall pre-emergent weed control in early September.

For those living in Northern Georgia, it’s important to lay pre-emergent treatments down within the first two weeks in September. These products affect weeds before they sprout. And, they only have a limited time to prevent against invasive plants like broadleaf or chickweed. These weeds will pop up during the winter months, if allowed, and choke the life out of the grass you want to grow. If you miss this window, you may still be able to avoid the majority of winter weeds you could have had in your yard by working with a professional lawn care provider.

Spot treat or dig out existing weeds.

Liquid pesticides used for treating existing weeds may not be strong enough to kill in the first application of your fall pre-emergent weed control. Unfortunately, they may be strong enough to kill your grass. Asking professionals to handle spot treatments is a cost-effective option for handling these problems. Most importantly, they’re affordable. In the long run, they may actually wind up saving you money. Consumer products are known for being weak and unpredictable. So, hiring the job out to someone using top-notch weed control products can prevent you from having to buy your own. Combine that with the convenience of not having to perform the job yourself or securely store the chemicals after you’re done with them, and it’s a win-win for most clients.

Digging weeds out of the grass, on the other hand, is such a popular concept it’s becoming an idiom. “Weeding out” problems in other areas of life often turns out to be less complicated than when it comes to lawn care. Because of the length of weed roots, you may do more damage trying to pry them out. It may be better to just risking the use of a post-emergent pesticide treatment.

Add fertilizer to reinforce the health of your grass.

The stress of the summer heat followed by winter’s freezing temps are harsh. However, add in the chemicals used to fight off weeds and your lawn may not be able to hold up. In order to combat extensive wear and tear, it’s a good idea to get your grass prepared ahead of time with quarterly fertilizer treatments.

Unfortunately, the soil throughout much of Georgia is filled with clay. This lowers its pH balance, stressing the grass even more and preventing the absorption and breakdown of important elements. Before fertilizing, it’s essential to test your soil’s acidity levels. Then you apply lime if necessary. Once your lawn is in relatively good health, you should be able to combat weeds and other problems using fall pre-emergent weed control without much risk. Of course, a qualified lawn care technician can always help.

Schedule a fall pre-emergent weed control application with Think Green Lawn Care. Visit us online or call (678) 648-2556 to design the best winter prep routine possible.

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