Why Fall Aeration and Over Seeding Is Important for Fescue Grass

Sep 13, 2021Lawn Aeration

Fall aeration and over seeding are used by savvy homeowners to create lush, green lawns as long as possible. Weather extremes are harsh on Georgia lawns. If you don’t know why these tasks are essential, you may want to ask an expert for advice.

Learn all about the stress the summer months wreak on your lawn and what fall aeration and over seeding can do to help.

DIY weed and pest control can destroy your grass.

Despite being available to the public, some of the pesticide sprays and weed killers you can purchase are capable of destroying your yard. Some of them make no distinction between grass and crabgrass or dandelions. So, if applied to a section of lawn, you’ll wind up with bare ground. Even attempting to spot treat a particular weed can result in mass damage as wind can spray these solutions onto surrounding areas.

Spot treatments are best left to the professionals for this very reason. If you’ve partially destroyed your grass, the professionals can help you fix that as well.

Poor watering and mowing habits hurt, but fall aeration and over seeding can help.

A healthy lawn is easy to keep looking its best. However, if you’re rushing through maintenance, you could be causing damage. Grass that’s kept too short or cut too short all at once can die off or develop a fungal infection. Grass that’s given only short bursts of water may rot, especially if grass blades are surrounded by thatch while the roots aren’t getting any nutrition.

Deep watering and trims of no more than one-third of any inch will help you maintain the healthiest lawn. Dethatching, fall aeration and over seeding aid penetration and can prevent water from settling on the surface of your yard.

Sometimes the weather is solely to blame, but other vegetation can eliminate your grass too.

If there’s a drought or a downpour, your lawn may suffer the consequences. All you can do is overseed and attempt to rebuild at the end of the season. However, sometimes there are areas around your yard contributing to your problems. Weeds thrive in sheltered, shady soil. Grass can struggle without enough sun. Overgrown bushes or branches too close to the ground can set the stage for grass death or weed propagation. Trimming the trees and bushes around your property and paying attention to decorative features in the yard can help cut back on weeds without any major investments.

Don’t forget the impact of heat and foot traffic.

Homeowners may not realize the impact of Georgia’s clay-based soil when it comes to growing thick, lush lawns. A full summer of the heat beating down and of people walking all over the yard compacts the soil, making it impossible for oxygen to enter or escape. Fall aeration and over seeding is especially helpful in this situation for improving the strength of root systems and creating robust grass blades.

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