Lawn Seeding

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Lawn Seeding

Overseeding your fescue lawn every year is a must!

Fescue is a cool season grass; thus the hot southern summers cause your fescue to become stressed and thinned out. During the summer months, most fescue lawns will discolor and brown out during periods of high temperatures and drought stress. This stress during the summer requires that some of the grass be replaced.

Unlike warm season turf grasses, fescue does not spread or reproduce naturally. Therefore, to keep your fescue lawn lush and thick, you must reseed every fall. Density is the key to a healthy, weed-free lawn!

Lawn Seeding Done The Right Way

We will begin with a quality core aeration to loosen up soil compaction and to ensure good seed-to-soil contact. We then reseed using one of the highest quality certified fescue seeds available to ensure your lawn achieves maximum results.

Not all seed mixes are created equal! Seed mixes are inspected by official inspectors and under the direction of the state’s Agricultural Department. Our top-of-the-line Fescue blend seed is specifically designed for southern lawn conditions and is always 99.9% weed-free.

Think Green Lawn Service

Think Green Lawn Service was started with an emphasis on bringing customer focus and the highest quality products back to the lawn care industry. Serving the Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, and Nashville, TN metro areas, we strive to provide our customers with eco-friendly, healthy and well-balanced lawns while working to exceed the highest customer expectations.


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