Fall Lawn Care Tips for Bermuda Grass

Nov 4, 2022Lawn Service

If you’re looking for fall lawn care tips for Bermuda grass, you have great taste in lawns. This grass type is very popular for many reasons, although it’s best known for having a vibrant green color. Bermuda grass also features low maintenance requirements and an impressive level of durability. This type of grass is known for being able to withstand extreme heat, which is a big part of why it’s a common choice for golf courses in the Southern United States. It’s also an excellent choice for yards due to its tolerance for foot traffic and general wear and tear.

Also known as devil grass thanks to its invasive nature (it can spread quickly in new environments), Bermuda grass doesn’t require as much work as many other varieties. At the same time, it tends to go dormant when the temperature drops, leaving it brown and dead looking. It’s important to perform the right maintenance practices in the fall and prepare your Bermuda grass for the winter. This careful attention can help make sure it returns to its attractive green color in the spring.

Watering Your Bermuda Grass as Part of Fall Lawn Care

Bermuda grass has numerous benefits, including its resistance to drought. It only needs to be watered once or twice a week. While it would be easier to let nature take care of this, rainfall isn’t always the most reliable option. If your Bermuda grass lawn is in need of water, you can tell just by looking at it. The blades will be slightly bent, almost as if bowing down, and when you see that you’ll know it’s time to water the lawn.

As you enter fall, you should keep your schedule normal at first. As you go deeper into October, gradually cut back on how often you water the grass. At this point you should be watering your Bermuda grass once a week. By watering only one time per week, you force the grass’ roots to dig deeper for available water. This schedule helps the lawn remain greener and healthier the next time water is scarce.

Over the course of the fall, you should continue to water your Bermuda grass less frequently. Once November arrives, water the lawn only once per month. Continue doing this until the winter is over, and in March you can get back to your regular watering schedule.

Bermuda Grass Lawn Care: Weeding and Mowing in the Fall

Weeds tend to set their seeds in the spring, but you’ll notice them popping up in your soil in the late fall. By getting rid of them early, you’ll keep them from setting up for a big infestation in the spring. If you destroy young weeds in late fall, you can help put a stop to the yearly cycle. At the very least, you’ll cut down on the number of troublesome weeds you’ll need to deal with in the future.

Spot spraying, or targeting individual weeds, is much better for your lawn’s overall health. It’s also safer for the environment, as pesticides can be very dangerous if not handled carefully. Just be sure to water your Bermuda grass before treating for weeds. It’s also important to avoid mowing the lawn for at least two days before getting started.

Although you should usually mow Bermuda grass  to a height somewhere between 1” and 1.5”, in the fall you should allow it to grow taller. An extra inch is enough, but it’s important to make sure you’ve let the lawn grow enough before mowing during cooler weather. If you cut the grass too short you could end up making it an easier target for damage from the cold weather. While you’re free to clean up the edges of your grass for a tidier look, you don’t need to mow the grass at all during the winter months.

Thinking Bermuda Grass Is the Way to Go?

Compared to many other varieties, Bermuda grass lawns are unique. While they come with many advantages, the homeowner must maintain these lawns properly to keep them in good condition.

For more fall lawn care tips for your Bermuda grass, visit Think Green online or give us a call at (678) 648-2556. We’re professionals who can assist you with making sure your Bermuda grass continues to look great. We’ll guide you as you try to prepare your lawn for the future, keeping it healthy regardless of the season. Get in touch with our lawn care team today!

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