Can You Plant Grass Seed in the Fall?

Nov 15, 2021Lawn Service

Can you plant grass seed in the fall? Timing is everything when trying to achieve a healthy, green lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood. Regardless of the type of seed you use, you’ll want to plant it at the right time. Although the climate where you live will impact your lawn’s health, starting seed in the right season can be the most important factor to consider. Planting in the fall can ensure you have a healthy, green lawn when spring rolls around.

Can You Plant Grass Seed in the Fall Season?

Yes, and you should! Autumn is ideal for planting grass seed thanks to all the favorable conditions that come along with it. The high temperatures of summer are gone; so the newly planted seed stays moist. Germination occurs more quickly this way. The young, growing plants will have a much easier time maturing without the extreme heat they would face in the summer months. Weeds, which are fierce competition for grass, are usually under control by the time fall comes. By planting in this season, you can make sure your grass has plenty of time to mature. It can grow stronger through autumn and spring, meaning it will be ready for the heat when summer comes back around.

Although spring is a time for growth, planting in that season might not bring favorable results. In the spring, the soil is usually cooler. The cooler soil can delay germination, and the increased moisture can be a problem for newly planted seed as well. There’s also the issue of competition, as the springtime’s early months can bring lots of weed growth.

The early fall is believed to be the best time for planting grass seed. The days tend to be cool, and there is often rain, which is perfect to keep the seeds from drying out. At the same time, the soil is still warm, and therefore ideal for germination. The sunlight during autumn is also still plentiful enough to help the seeds grow, meaning your grass can get established before winter sets in.

Prepare Your Grass with Dormant Seeding in Late Fall

Though early fall is great for planting grass seed, it’s entirely possible that you’ve missed this ideal time frame and are now wondering if you’re out of options. Luckily, that’s not the case at all! Dormant seeding can help ensure your lawn is prepared to start growing when spring comes. You can do this even if you’ve missed your chance to plant in early fall. As an added bonus, dormant seeding can save the day if you haven’t kept up with watering the way you should have.

In late fall, when it’s starting to get cold but things haven’t frozen, you’ve likely stopped many of your outdoor chores. Watering and mowing the grass isn’t required anymore. But this time of year is perfect for preparing your lawn for next spring. In fact, dormant seeding is better suited to conditions in November. The grass will be thinner, allowing more contact between the soil and your seeds. In late fall the ground is cold enough to keep the seeds from germinating until spring. If they germinate this late in the season the seedlings will be too young to survive the winter conditions.

This practice will allow you to thicken up a thin lawn, or “patch up” bare spots for spring if you’re worried about gaps in the plant-life. Dormant seeding is a great option for those of us who didn’t put down seed in early fall. Instead of sitting around worrying about the future grass, you can get a head start on next year’s lawn!

Ready to Get Your Lawn Ready?

Are you interested in learning more about how you can prepare your lawn for next spring? Whether you’re planting in early fall, late fall or doing something else entirely, we can help you get perfect grass. The task to keep your lawn healthy year round may seem nearly impossible with your busy schedule. But when you have the lawn professionals on your side, you can experience the benefits of a beautiful lawn with none of the hassle.

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