Is Winter Weed Control Really Necessary?

Dec 5, 2022Weed Control

Sure, winter weed control kills certain plants, but don’t worry: Santa understands. Those weeds are killers too, and it’s up to you to protect your landscaping. Invasive plants growing during your lawn’s off-season can quickly overtake your yard. Put them in check when control will be easiest, and enjoy a thick, green lawn come springtime.

Consider the ways winter weeds work before you skip out on winter weed control treatments:

Winter weeds grow while everything else is sleeping.

Crabgrass, pepperweed, henpic and broadleaf weeds slowly grow through the cold season. As soon as temps warm up, they take off – soaking up precious water and minerals your spring lawn will need to grow. In fact, these interlopers grow quickly enough to choke out your lawn. You can prevent their spread by catching them early enough in winter and applying winter weed control treatments to stave off this rapid growth.

Post-emergent products are the most effective.

In early fall, you can apply a pre-emergent weed control product to your lawn to control winter weeds. If fall treatments were missed – or simply, ineffective – you’ll want to switch up your game. You can apply a high-quality post-emergent solution directly to the weeds. It’s important to identify the plants you’re dealing with and to use treatments specifically for the invasive growth in your yard.

Winter weeds are devastating to all types of lawns.

We talk quite a lot about the differences between cool- and warm-season grasses. Fescue vs. Bermuda. It’s true they’re in opposite stages throughout the year, but both are affected by winter weed growth. You need prevention for both types to keep crabgrass, wild onion, chickweed and the like from taking root. However, you may need specialty products depending on the type and the health of your yard cover.

Winter weeds work against overseeding.

Winter weeds will take their toll on seeds and seedlings. This new growth is vulnerable. Protect it as much as possible for success. Unfortunately, winter weeds are aggressive enough to knock them out. This is especially devastating for cool-season lawns as spring overseeding has little impact.

Know when to call in a pro.

Certain situations, like warm-season grasses or overseeded lawns needing winter weed control treatments, are best handled by the professionals. Our lawn care technicians have access to more potent weed control products. We also have the tools and the training to put them to their best use. Professionals will be able to secure the health of your lawn while targeting the elements you need to take out, and they’ll likely complete the process more efficiently than you would with products purchased off the store shelf.

Schedule your Winter Weed Control

As cold weather rolls in, protect your lawn with the gift of winter weed control. Give your grass a fighting chance. Contact Think Green Lawn Care to schedule your winter weed control and other cold-weather services, or call us at (678) 648-2556 for more information.

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