How Can I Tell If I Have the Best Lawn Pesticide for My Lawn?

May 9, 2022Lawn Pesticides

The best lawn pesticide will do more than keep weeds and pests out of your yard. It’ll give your grass the ability to grow and thrive like never before. People who enjoy lush green grass and few weeds consider their lawns an investment, and whether you spend time, money or a combination of the two to keep your grass in good order, it proves to be a great investment.

The following tips will help you pick out the best pesticide for your yard:

Focus on finding a high quality product.

Homeowners who make lawn care purchases based on price tend to have shoddy looking yards. Why? They’re buying into solutions that don’t solve much at all. Quality counts when it comes to growing healthy groundcover in a hot, wet environment like Georgia’s.

What many homeowners don’t know can hurt their wallets and their curb appeal. By investing in DIY measures to save on money, people may be ignoring affordable, high quality products only available to lawn care pros. With the knowledge of how to safely care for grass, the appropriate equipment needed for applications and the ability to buy in bulk, it makes sense that hiring these jobs out will consistently result in a bigger bang for your buck.

Check your lawn’s pH balance.

The Forsyth County Extension Office helps homeowners test the soil on their property. This helps determine the pH of your yard, which can have a big impact on how well the grass grows. pH can impact the color, robustness and health of your lawn. All by itself, changing the acidity of your soil can eliminate the need for other products.

Keep an eye on the weather.

Pesticides are typically applied as liquids, granules or powders. Which form is most effective depends heavily on the weather. If it’s expected to rain, for instance, a liquid might be watered down so granules would be a better option. If it’s very windy, a liquid might be the most likely to stay in place.

Select the right tool for the job.

There are pre-emergent products that treat seeds before they germinate and post-emergent products for existing weeds. Pre-emergent applications typically involve the whole yard, while post-emergent are likely to be isolated to problem areas.

Start early and stay regular.

One of the biggest mistakes a homeowner makes is starting their applications too late to head off the worst weeds. In Georgia, ground temps rise to 50 degrees in early February. The best pesticide treatments will happen before then and continue every four to six weeks throughout the end of November. Used in combination, pre- and post-emergent products will muzzle weeds before they start growing and quickly take care of any that do wind up in your lawn.

Have questions about the best lawn pesticide for your yard? Now’s a great time to get answers. Call our local Fayetteville lawn service branch at (770) 844-7488 for the best lawn pesticide service available!


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