What Is Spring Grub Treatment and When Should It Be Done?

Mar 12, 2021Grub Control

spring grub treatmentMarch and April are popular times for homeowners in the Cumming, GA, area to look into spring grub treatment, though spring is not the most effective time to focus on insect control. The beetles and bugs emerging during the late spring and summer months hatch much earlier. They spend their time feasting on the roots and thatch of the lawn.

The more grubs eat, the weaker your grass becomes, and the harder it is for the lawn to fight off weed growth. Grubs can lead to sickly, weak grass and ugly lawns. Managing them is key to creating the lush lawn most homeowners value. If you have maturing grubs in your yard, a spring application can help, but you’ll want to talk with someone about earlier spring grub treatment to help prevent damage to your grass.

Understanding the Grub Lifecycle

Because beetles emerge in summer and stay alive for several months, grub control is appropriate at many different times during the year. Summer and fall applications handle smaller, younger grubs before they spend months gnawing away at your yard’s root system. During winter, depending on local temperatures, grubs burrow deeper into the ground to feed and mature. Applications aren’t as common during these months because more needs to be used in order to saturate the ground enough to reach them.

By spring, the grubs are just a few weeks from their beetle stages. They’re larger and hardier, but it’s still possible to get them under control. Working with a professional on the right type and amount of Spring grub treatment to use is essential. That’s the best way to rid your yard of pests while keeping it healthy.

Timing Spring Grub Treatments

Spring can make homeowners antsy to get started on outdoor tasks, but performing some of them too early can impede their effectiveness. Grub treatments, for instance, should be held off until grubs have returned to the top inch or so of soil. Before that time, you may have trouble reaching the problem effectively. At the same time, you don’t want to wait so long to do your spring grub treatment that massive damage has been done.

Combining Fertilization and Weed Control With Grub Treatments

Do you know how healthy your yard is? Do you have the knowledge to gauge how much damage has been done? If you’ve waited until spring to head off a grub problem, your grass may struggle to handle pesticide applications. Pre-treating with fertilizer or combining the application with a fertilizer may be necessary in order to keep your lawn healthy. Both time and expense are at a premium. Therefore, a professional may opt to combine pest and weed treatments or bundle them with a fertilizer plan for optimal strength, health, and homeowner satisfaction.

Rather not spend the next nice weekend poking holes in your lawn? Understandable! Need help with your Spring grub treatment? Call Think Green at (678) 648-2556 for a free estimate, and keep your weekend to yourself instead.

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