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Charlotte Weed Control & Fertilization

Finding reliable lawn care Charlotte NC trusts is as easy as picking up the phone. With over 30 years of experience serving the area, our lawn care company has a stellar reputation and produces satisfying results. What’s our secret? Think Green Lawn Service promotes ideal growing conditions. Once established, your lawn will stay lush and green despite dealing with the area’s most common challenges.

Quality Lawn Care That Will Save You Money

Charlotte homeowners spend less on fertilizer, weed control and other applications when they hire a professional company to provide their lawn care. Our company has access to higher quality solutions, but we also have the knowledge to put each application to its best use.

For instance, the following treatments improve soil quality:

• Fertilization
• Core Aeration
• Liming

Once improved, your grass root system will have a much easier time absorbing treatments from the ground. Proper soil conditions are key to growing a lush, healthy lawn. Without the right balance, your lawn treatments often go to waste.

Weed Control Charlotte NC Relies On

Once we achieve the best soil conditions, there are a few ongoing treatments needed to sustain thick, robust lawn growth. We have a system for alternating fertilizer and weed control capable of managing the needs of most lawns. While retail solutions often focus on granular products spread across your entire yard, as professionals, we’re able to deliver precise spray applications where needed, resulting in lawns with uniform color and growth. Our weed control and fertilization services are among the best in the business.

Call Think Green Lawn Service at (704) 635-7404 to learn more about the options for the lawn treatment Charlotte NC trusts. Or, request a free, instant quote online.


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