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Choose carefully when scheduling lawn treatment services in Monroe, North Carolina. Every company won’t treat you – or your lawn – as well as Think Green Lawn Service. We base our practices on your property and the specific challenges you’re facing. Make every penny count with customized services delivered promptly and in a professional fashion. Check out our robust selection of lawn services in Monroe, North Carolina.

Fertilizing, Liming, and Aeration

When your lawn isn’t as thick or as green as you’d like, many homeowners assume fertilizer is the issue. Worse, they may decide they need more nitrogen and pile it on before testing the soil. Think Green Lawn Services in Monroe, North Carolina take time to assess the real problem. In this part of the country, clay-based soils can pose obstacles to healthy grass. Adding more fertilizer is not the solution. So what is?

You may need:

• Core aeration
• Tree and shrub care
• pH-balancing lime applications
• Pest management and weed control

If the soil in your Monroe, North Carolina lawn is too acidic, the grass roots of your lawn won’t draw in enough nutrients. The same is true if the soil is tampered down and restricting airflow. Grubs are also a big issue in this part of the country. The larvae of many beetle species settle in residential lawns and feast on grass root systems. Fertilizer won’t help if your lawn has no way to collect water or food.

Other plants can steal the nutrients too. For a yard with many trees or bushes, extra fertilizer is needed to provide enough food for large plants and your grass. And then there are weeds.

The good news is that all of these treatments bolster the health of your yard. Your lawn can take full advantage of fertilizer treatments once other issues are under control. In turn, once your lawn is getting the benefit of high-quality fertilizer, it will be easier to tolerate the occasional pest or dry spell.

Comprehensive Lawn Treatment in Monroe, North Carolina

Beginning in winter, we address existing weeds on your property. The winters in North Carolina aren’t always cold enough to disrupt growth; so, we spot treat them to clear them away in time for spring. Also, we use pre-emergent weed control treatments capable of preventing weed seeds on your property from sprouting at all. These comprehensive treatments are very effective when applied correctly and at the right time.

Your first fertilizer treatment occurs in early spring to ready your lawn for new growth. Our high-quality products will be based on the type of lawn you grow. In the area, both cool-season and warm-season grasses are popular, and they respond to different mixes of fertilizer. Weed control and nutrient solutions will be applied every four to six weeks during the growing season to keep your yard in tip-top shape.

Get the look you want for less time, money, and effort by scheduling lawn services in Monroe, North Carolina with one of the top providers in town. Contact Think Green Lawn Service today at (678) 648-2556.

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