What Time of Year Are Lawn Aeration Services Most Effective?

Jun 16, 2021Lawn Aeration

lawn aeration servicesLawn aeration services are important for a yard that looks—and stays—healthy, but when is the right time to have it performed? It’s good that homeowners are thinking about the task now. You’ll have plenty of time to schedule aeration service with a top quality lawn care provider.

Here are just a few reasons aeration should wait until fall:

Aeration will have a big impact on your grass during major growth spurts.

Some homeowners have no idea what aeration entails. In short, you remove plugs of soil to allow your grass to grow easier. The holes allow new oxygen to enter the ground; they encourage the absorption of nutrients and fight compaction. As a result, the lawn’s root system will flourish; so, aerating before expected growth spurts provides you with the biggest benefits. In Tennessee, the majority of lawns are made of fescue which experience growth spurts in September and October. Aerating in early fall is essential for getting the most from your efforts. However, for those rare homes sporting Bermuda, Centipede or Zoysia lawns, April poses better timing.

Fall aeration fights compaction related to warm weather activities.

Georgia suffers from clay-based soil. It compacts easily, limiting the amount of water and oxygen available to the root system at any given time. It’s also incredibly uncomfortable to lounge and play on by the end of the summer. The constant foot traffic, mowing and other spring and summer action easily packs the soil down. Aeration with a hollow plug machine can break up the pressure. And it happens just in time for fall and winter growth.

Grass should be mowed as short as possible before aerating.

Just as its easiest on bushes and trees to be trimmed down in the fall, it’s easiest on your grass if it’s mowed short once the hot season is coming to a close. The strain isn’t as likely to damage your grass or your yard’s root system.

Aerating encourages the overseeding process.

If your lawn has been suffering from compaction, thatch or a lack of minerals or oxygen, you may have noticed bare patches in your yard. Aeration is a good way to improve the color and density of your lawn, but sometimes overseeding is needed as well. This process, in which new grass seed is spread on the lawn, often requires help in getting the seeds close to the soil. Removing cores of earth from your yard before spreading seed is an excellent way to get the close exposure you need. In fall, you can aerate deeper than in summer, as well. This allows for deeper penetration and root growth development. By spring, your law with be healthy, green and bushy enough to take on the intensity of the Georgia heat.

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