Is It Too Early in the Year to Consider Lime and Fertilizer Application?

Mar 13, 2020Lime Application

Lime and Fertilizer ApplicationNow that spring is here and frost is no longer a threat, many homeowners are thinking of lime and fertilizer applications for their lawns. Is your dull, brown yard getting you down? Ready to perk your grass back up and bring some color to your property? You are not alone.

Before you go out and drop some cash at the hardware store, keep reading to learn our best tips about spring lawn care. A little planning and preparation go a long way when it comes to rejuvenating your grass. There are right and wrong times of the year for all lawn care projects, including lime and fertilizer application.

What Is Lime?

Most people have a pretty good understanding of fertilizers. You probably know where the various types of fertilizers come from and how they help grass grow healthy and green. But most people do not know what lime is or what its function is for lawn care.

Lime comes from limestone, which is a common type of rock that occurs naturally around the world. It’s rich in calcium and magnesium carbonate and also contains several other minerals. Burning or grinding limestone creates a powder or granule lime product commonly applied to lawns.

What Does Lime Do for Lawns?

Certain kinds of plants, including common grasses, prefer alkaline soil. This is one reason why it’s important to test your soil before applying anything but water to your lawn. In addition to providing vital nutrients for your grass, lime applications increase the soil’s alkalinity. In other words, lime makes your dirt a more hospitable environment for your grass to grow thick and lush. Yellow grass is a strong sign that your soil is desperate for a lime application.

Did you know that many types of weeds thrive in acidic soil? An increase in weed populations is a good sign that your soil is too acidic. Therefore, keeping your soil alkaline with lime applications also acts as an effective weed control measure.

When Should You Apply Lime?

Early spring is a great time for lime and fertilizer applications. Again, it’s important to test your soil’s pH first. If you haven’t planted grass seed yet, apply lime first to make your soil a better host for the grass seed. Ask your lawn care professional to test your soil and recommend the right products for your turf.

Your soil will probably require regular lime applications for a few years to achieve an optimal pH level. The good news is that once you hit the right pH, maintaining that level often calls for less frequent lime applications.

Should I Fertilize at the Same Time as My Lime Application?

Applying fertilizer and lime at the same time is common. There is usually no reason why you can’t use them together. Your lawn care expert should prescribe a specific lime and fertilizer application schedule and just the right products to boost your lawn’s health.

Are There Bad Times for Lime and Fertilizer Application?

Always check the weather forecast before planning your lawn care projects. If heavy rain is on the way, delay applying lime or fertilizer until after the showers are over. In fact, wait for your property to drain thoroughly. Never add lime and fertilizer to soggy soil, and certainly not if the lawn has puddles.

On the other hand, don’t put lime and fertilizer on limp, dry grass either. Water your lawn to moisten the grass and soil before applying lime and fertilizer. After applying these products, give the lawn another sprinkle to encourage the soil to absorb the minerals and nutrients.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Lime and fertilizer applications add calcium and magnesium to your soil, which protect your grass from stress and damage. This benefit will be most appreciated during hot summer months and drought conditions. Lime can also encourage the growth of good bacteria in your soil. Plus, lime applications can control the build-up of harmful minerals like aluminum and iron.

Need Professional Lime and Fertilizer Applications?

If you live in the Cumming, Georgia area, Think Green Lawn Service wants to be your trusted lawn care partner. We founded our company out of a desire to combine the very best lawn care techniques with the very best customer service practices. Our technicians know how to design a personalized lawn care plan for each of our clients.

We work hard to grow the partnership we enjoy with each client. Every one of our team members will be happy to answer our customers’ questions. We take the time to explain what we are doing because we want our clients to be aware of the purpose behind our methods.

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