Why Using Lime On Grass Is Almost As Good As Using The Other Lime In Your Cocktail

Oct 10, 2022Lime Application

Many homeowners never think about using lime on their grass until they move to the Atlanta area. Why? The soil here is fairly high in clay content, which lowers pH. Those acidic conditions mean bad things for your grass, and no amount of fertilizer or fungicides will help. So, the only way to effectively deal with this problem is by raising the pH and creating neutral soil conditions. That’s where using lime on grass comes in.

Using lime on grass may be the answer if you’ve been struggling with a thin or yellow lawn. Follow these tips.

Measure the pH of your soil.

First of all, you can have a sample of your yard’s soil assessed by your nearest extension office. If the results come back with a pH under 5.5, you’ll help your lawn by adding lime to the soil. By increasing the alkalinity, you’ll make it easier for your grass to absorb nutrients and make it possible to purge the ground of certain pollutants that build up over time in acidic environments.

Consider your magnesium levels.

Secondly, when you have soil assessed, you’ll receive readings on many different substances found in the sample. Magnesium levels that are too high will impact growth as well, so it’s best to keep limits between 140 – 270 ppm. This is especially important to note when using lime on grass, because many products contain extra magnesium to help re-establish a healthy balance in your yard’s soil.

Choose the right liming product.

In addition, agricultural lime, or aglime, consists solely of crushed limestone. It’s perfect for lawns with enough existing magnesium. Dolomitic lime contains additional nutrients and is suited to lawns where high acidity has robbed the soil of the core minerals needed to support healthy growth. These materials can readily be found in garden centers, at home improvement stores and online.

Using lime on grass in granular or liquid form.

Finally, professional lawn care companies have a leg up when it comes to lime. The products consumers have access to are often ineffective, hard to apply or both. Granular formulas are light enough to blow onto neighboring properties. Similarly, liquid formulas may be diluted to the point where it takes several applications to be effective, which gets expensive.

You may be surprised to find hiring this job out is more affordable than trying to manage it on your own. However, if you go the DIY route, applying granular lime in fall before seasonal rains is a winning plan. Just make sure it’s not windy enough to blow all of the product off your land.

Think you might need help using lime on grass? Contact the experts to help you through every step of the process. Call (678) 648-2556 to schedule an appointment with our local Cumming lawn care branch, and secure a thick, lush yard for next season by appropriately using lime on grass.

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