What Are the Best Professional Tree Care Tips for Fall?

Oct 4, 2021Tree And Shrub Care

Professional tree care in the fall is important because it helps trees stay healthy through the fall and winter and will promote growth once springtime comes around. If you wait until winter to give your trees attention, the cold and snowy conditions outside can make the job difficult, if not impossible.

Why is fall so ideal for tree maintenance? Cool temperatures in the fall make it easier to care for trees. Once the proper maintenance is performed, the trees will be ready to survive the cold winter months and will be primed and ready for the warm sunshine of spring to help them grow once again.

Professional Tree Care in the Fall Should Include Fertilization

Soil contains nutrients that help make plants and trees flourish. If these nutrients are minimized or destroyed, the trees won’t be able to grow to their potential, and they could even become diseased. Extreme summertime heat and severe cold during the winter can destroy nutrients. The only way to protect the nutrients is to fertilize the soil during the fall season. This will restore any nutrients destroyed during the summer.

High quality commercial fertilizers contain all the essential nutrients that a tree needs to grow. Since the fall is cooler temperature-wise, the nutrients tend to remain in the soil. During the wintertime, the fertilizer releases nutrients into the soil. This enables the soil to feed the trees and plants what they need to survive the winter. When the temperatures warm up again in the spring, the nutrients will enable the tree roots to grow. And the cycle continues!

Great Tree Care Always Requires Water

Trees and people have one thing in common: both need water to stay alive. The only problem is that it’s a lot harder for trees to get water during the freezing winter season. All the snow and ice on the ground prevent water from getting to the roots of the trees. That is why tree roots need to be well hydrated during the fall. This will keep the tree roots hydrated throughout the winter and ready to grow again in the spring.

The process of watering trees is a lot different than watering flowers or grass. You can’t just take a hose and spray the bottom of the trees with water. You have to do something called “subsurface watering.” This involves injecting water into the soil covering the roots of the tree. A device called an “injection probe” is the way professionals water trees. The injection will hydrate the top foot of soil in the ground. By using this method in the fall, the soil will stay well hydrated throughout the winter.

Fall: the Perfect Time to Plant New Trees

It is normal for the leaves of trees to change colors and drop from their branches in the fall. But sometimes the brutal heat of the summer can damage trees and deprive them of vital nutrients. In this case, you may not have a chance to see those beautiful fall leaves.

If you have trees that are dead or damaged for whatever reason, you may need to plant new trees in their place. The best time to plant new trees is the fall because the temperatures are mild. It is also easier for tree roots to adapt to the soil. By the time the winter comes around, the roots will be strong enough to survive.

Planting a tree is not as easy as planting flowers. A tree requires you to dig a hole that is three times wider than the root ball but the same height as it. You also have to know how to straighten the tree and place it at the proper height so that it grows evenly. These are not tasks that just anyone can do. It requires the help of a professional who has experience in planting trees.

Do you want to have trees that can withstand the changes of the season and make your yard beautiful? If so, you will be glad you invested in proper tree maintenance during the fall. If you are like most people, you may not have the skills or the experience to know how to take care of your trees properly. But you can pass along the task to a professional who knows exactly what it takes to promote healthy tree growth.

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