3 Ways Winter Tree And Shrub Care Make Your Trees and Shrubs Lush In The Spring

Feb 5, 2021Tree And Shrub Care

winter tree and shrub care

Ignoring essential winter tree and shrub care will carry penalties far into next year. Do you want to enjoy lush, green growth and beautiful plants next season? You’ll need to spare a few minutes this fall to get your landscaping in order. Consider the following winter tree and shrub care basics.

Treat for fleas, ticks and other pests.

Fall is one of the most prevalent seasons for insect problems, both inside and in the yard. It’s important to address dense areas of your yard first, because that’s where insects often set up their homes. From there, they jump onto you and your pets. Depending on your landscape design, insects can also use your shrubs and trees as shelter as they make their way straight into your house.

Protect yourself with winter tree and shrub care basics. Start early by treating your trees and shrubs for bugs, and creating a perimeter around your home capable of warding off insects. There are powerful products on the market that will keep bugs at bay during chilly weather, but remember, with Think Green Lawn Care, we stick with solutions that are eco-friendly and okay for use around your family. There’s no need to throw your baby out with the bath water. Count on us for reliable and reasonable pest and weed control.

Apply fungicides where needed.

Fall, historically, is a wet season in Georgia, lending itself to fungal infections and rot. Look over your plants periodically, and address any issues as soon as you see them. A trained lawn care professional can help you identify conditions affecting your trees and shrubs. We can also help you prevent these issues from setting in.

Fertilize for fall and winter growth.

You don’t typically think of the cold months and plants growing, but this is the perfect time of year for activity taking place under the ground. Root systems expand, get stronger, and they build up reserves of nutrients needed for spring turnout. It’s a critical time for homeowners who want thick, green plants come next year – doubly so for flowering and fruit-bearing varieties.

In fact, if you’re expecting blossoms of any kind in spring, you may need a special fertilizer suited specifically to the trees and shrubs found in your landscaping. We can help you create colorful petals that pop with vibrant pinks, purples, yellows and whites. Later, your summer bounty will be bigger and sweeter than ever. Before you decide to take this step on your own, consider getting a free quote. You may be surprised at how little it really costs to maximize your landscape’s spring and summer performance.

Winter Tree and Shrub Care by Think Green

Looking for the best winter tree and shrub care available that is also eco-friendly and safe for your family? Give our expert team at Think Green Lawn Care a call at (678) 648-2556 for professional winter tree and shrub care.

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