Now or Later? Knowing When to Apply Grub Control, and Why

May 2, 2019Grub Control

when to apply grub controlHave you ever wondered when to apply grub control for your lawn? How do you know if you have a grub infestation? Do all yards have grubs?

We’ll answer common questions like these and reveal other facts about this common problem many homeowners face with their lawns. It’s not a topic most homeowners want to think about, because grubs are kind of gross, to be honest. But if you want your yard to be healthy, green, and grub-free, you’ll want to learn what you need to know.

Identify the Problem Before Learning When to Apply Grub Control

Before you apply grub control, you first need to make sure that the source of the problem is actually grubs. One way to tell if there are grubs in your yard is to shovel a few samples of turf two inches deep and about the size of a dinner plate around the bare spots. If you see lots of white C-shaped looking worms underneath the samples, then your lawn definitely has a grub control problem. But if you only see less than five grubs per square foot and no turf damage, there’s nothing to worry about. Your lawn is healthy and doing a good job supporting its own balanced ecosystem.

Knowing When to Apply Grub Control

If you do find yourself with a grub infestation in your lawn, is getting rid of the grubs a DIY project? Unfortunately, no. By the time you see an infestation, getting professional help is the best thing you can do, since most retail spot-treatment products are ineffective. The good news is, applying grub prevention products is a lot easier to manage than trying to fight the grubs once they’ve already got a stronghold in your yard. Just keep in mind these essential principles:

  • It’s best to apply grub control in the fall. Most grubs feed during August to October.
  • Always mow the lawn before applying any pesticides to protect declining bee populations from toxic wildflowers.
  • Be sure to follow the directions and apply the right rate and amount. Doing so reduces the risk of burnout in your lawn, and using more than the directed amount is illegal anyway.

Professional Help for Grub Control

If your lawn is suffering from a grub infestation, there’s still hope! You don’t have to retreat inside and fend off nightmares about an out-of-control grub problem. Our staff at Think Green Lawn Service are experts at knowing when to apply grub control.  We also provide pest control options for mosquitoes, fire ants, and much more. Call us today at (678) 648-2556 to learn when to apply grub control. Get a free quote and take a step toward a healthy lawn again. You’ll be glad that you did!

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