What Does Lime Application to Soil Really Do?

Jan 4, 2021Lime Application

lime application to soilLime application to soil will raise the hydrogen levels of the soil. The measurement of hydrogen ion concentration is represented by the symbol “pH.” The majority of lawn problems occur because the soil has low levels of pH. If soil does not have enough pH, then it likely has higher levels of acidic content. Lawns with acidic soil will not be able to absorb nutrients properly. As a result, the grass on these lawns won’t grow well.

Lime is a soil additive made up of calcium carbonate, which has the power to reduce the acidic levels and raise the pH levels in the soil. Once you achieve this balance, you will have a healthy lawn in which your grass and plants can grow properly. In order to make this happen, it’s important to know the type of lime to apply and the right time to apply it. That is something a professional lawn care specialist can do for you.

Knowing When to Apply Lime to Soil

You may suspect your soil needs professional attention. To give yourself some peace of mind, you can have the pH levels of your soil tested to see where the acidic level is. You can choose to have a professional take care of this task, or if you feel like tackling the task yourself, you can get a pH testing device at any home appliance store. Just place a sample of your soil into the device, and it will be able to give you a measurement of its pH level. The measurement rating is a scale of 0 to 14. Any rating under 7 means you have acidic soil. Any rating over 7 means your soil is healthy.

The location of your soil has a lot to do with whether or not it is acidic. If your soil gets exposed to large amounts of rainfall on a regular basis, it will become acidic. Also, if you have land that had crops and livestock on it, the minerals in the soil will decrease over time. It requires the application of lime to restore those minerals once again.

The Agricultural Effects of Lime Application to Soil

The components that make up lime are responsible for the agricultural effects it has on the soil. The two main components of lime are magnesium and calcium. Without these components, plant life would not be able to sustain itself. Homeowners have a responsibility to ensure soil on their properties contains these components. That way, plant life can survive.

To give you a better understanding of lime application to soil, below are the main effects that lime has on the soil:

•The pH levels increase in any soil with high acidic levels.

•Plants will be able to receive the required magnesium and calcium they need to stay healthy.

•Water can now penetrate into soils with high acidic levels and hydrate them.

•Lime enables plants that are growing on acidic soils to absorb more nutrients than usual.

Types of Agricultural Lime Application for Soil

The lime that you apply to soil comes from the particles of two rocks called chalk and limestone. This is the type of lime that professionals generally apply to acidic soil to make it healthy again. But there are also two other types of lime that can go on the soil as well. These limes are hydrated lime and dolomitic lime.

You should apply hydrated lime to soil containing bacteria that can multiply itself. The application of this lime produces an environment that can stop bacteria from multiplying. Professionals also use hydrated lime as a disinfectant and insect repellent.

Dolomitic lime provides soil with more magnesium in addition to the calcium it’s already getting. A professional lawn care specialist will know which type of lime to use after the soil gets tested.

It takes special skills to care for the soil of plants and trees. Please keep in mind that you should not attempt lime application to soil on your own. This is a time you need professionals on your side. Contact our team of lawn care experts at Think Green Lawn Service today, and we can help your lawn to achieve the right pH level to stay as healthy as possible.

At Think Green, we have over 30 years of experience treating soil and applying the right kind of lime, so you can enjoy a lush, beautiful lawn. Contact us and we can answer any questions you may have about the lime application process. We can even give you a free estimate on the professional lawn services we offer.

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