Avoid Killing 2 Birds with 1 Stone: How to Get Rid of Weeds Not Grass

Sep 6, 2022Weed Control

Our goal is generally to eliminate weeds not grass. It’s a challenge, especially for yards overrun by dandelions, crabgrass and other common nuisances. Thankfully, Think Green Lawn Care can help you preserve your thick, lush lawn while putting an end to your weed problems. Follow these methods for effective weed control without hurting your lawn.

Dig deep to capture weed roots.

Georgia weeds have long root systems which regenerate when they’re not completely removed from the ground. Unfortunately, removing them can also damage to your lawn. It’s messy, work intensive and capable of leaving depressions in your yard. For many reasons, unless you can catch them at the beginning of spring, digging out weeds can be a big problem.

Consumer spot treatments should be reserved for sidewalks.

The sprays you can buy for eliminating weeds either run too weak or too strong. Rarely do you destroy the invasive plant and keep the rest of your lawn intact. These products still have a purpose, however. Buy the strongest available and use them on your pathways, sidewalks, driveways and patios. Use them where you don’t want weeds—or grass—to grow. Your pavement will stay intact and there won’t be weeds nearby to spread their seeds across your lawn.

Pre-emergent applications help destroy weeds not grass before they grow.

Most of the products on the consumer market are for post-emergent weeds not grass problems. There are a select few capable of eliminating nuisance plants before they sprout, but they have to be laid down soon enough in the season. Homeowners will want to put down their winter pre-emergents now, before September 15th or so. In the spring, you should apply these products to your lawn the last few weeks of February.

Professional spot treatment helps wipe out existing weeds not grass.

Consumer products are much different from the formulas trained lawn care professionals are allowed to buy. Because these are stronger and require special applicators, they aren’t available through retail outlets. In certain situations, they’re available, but in such quantities that no individual would find them cost effective to purchase. It’s a better investment to hire a quality service to treat the weeds in your yard. They’ll take care of the problem without ruining the rest of your lawn.

Healthy grass is the key to staying weed free.

Invasive weeds like crabgrass attempt to take over your property and soak up all the water and nutrients available in your yard. That’d be great if they were lush and green. However, they’re ugly and uncomfortable under foot. The only option is to control them, and keeping your lawn healthy is an important part of the battle. Healthy grass fights to maintain its position in your yard, and it’s robust enough to hold up to pesticides.

Schedule weed control services through Think Green Lawn Care at (678) 648-2556, and learn how to eliminate weeds not grass.

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