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Fertilization & Weed Control

If you are looking for professional, high-quality and affordable Sugar Hill, Georgia lawn services, Think Green Lawn Service is the solution. Whether you need help with lawn care, fertilization, weed control, fungus in your yard, trees or shrubs, we can provide a solution for your problem. We will customize the treatments and services to address the individual needs of your lawn.

Evaluating the Needs of Sugar Hill

Georgia can pose a variety of unique challenges for property owners who want healthy trees and shrubs, and a lush, green lawn. The climate here is hot and humid, and when you factor in the short winters, your lawn is highly susceptible to fungus related problems and pests.

There are also many challenges that can arise due to the high clay content in the soil. For these reasons, professional Sugar Hill, Georgia lawn services may be necessary to help you achieve the kind of lawn you have in mind.

Getting the Right Solutions for Your Problems

If your grass is lacking the nitrogen it craves to have that lush, green look you want, it may need a good dose of fertilizer. Choosing the correct fertilizer for your particular type of grass and lack of nutrients can be an overwhelming process, and choosing the wrong kind can do more harm than good.

That’s where Think Green comes in. We will do a thorough assessment of your lawn to determine what the best fertilizer will be for your lawn; we will apply it and even come back to make sure your lawn is becoming everything you thought it could be.

Other ways we can improve the look and feel of your lawn include:

• Weed control: We can address your current weed problem with post-emergent products as well as address potential weed problems with a pre-emergent solution.
• Aerate & lime: Unfortunately, even with fertilization, some lawns continue to struggle with growing healthy grass.

This is often due to high acidity and compacted soil. We will assess the problem and can do a variety of things to bring your grass back to a healthy condition, such as aeration and lime addition.

Whether you need basic services, such as weed control, or your lawn is struggling to grow, Think Green is a Sugar Hill, Georgia lawn services provider that you can rely on to give you a healthy, lush lawn. We only use the highest quality products, and we will customize the solution for your particular lawn problem.

Are you ready to have that lush, green lawn you have been dreaming about? Contact Think Green Lawn Services today at (678) 648-2556 to learn more about the Sugar Hill, Georgia lawn services available for your lawn.

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