Lawn Care Service Sandy Springs GA

Sandy Springs Lawn ServicesIf you are searching for the best Sandy Springs lawn services, chances are you want more than just an average residential lawn. It’s probably safe to think you are looking for professional help to keep your lawn in top-notch shape year round. Perhaps you even wish you had a green space that was the envy of the entire neighborhood! Or maybe you just want somewhere to set up a game of Bocce ball without having to worry about weeds or other issues.

If your Sandy Springs home could use a little lawn advice, look no further than Think Green Lawn Service. Our team of lawn care experts is here to help.

Sandy Springs Lawn Services Done Right

Caring for your lawn properly means understanding the ins and outs of your specific lawn type. Since grasses have different needs, depending on their species, where they’re planted, and whether they are warm- or cool-weather types, it simply doesn’t work to treat all grasses the same and hope for the best. Instead, you need to have a specific plan in place based on the unique needs of your lawn. Of course, this is easier said than done if you aren’t a lawn care expert.

That’s why it can be helpful to contact a team of professionals when you want your Sandy Springs lawn services done right the first time. There’s no need to struggle with trial and error on your lawn. Go straight to the pros, save time and money, and end up with the lawn of your dreams.

Liming Your Sandy Springs Lawn the Right Way

According to the Think Green experts, one of the best tips for keeping your grass green and healthy is to lime it regularly. Turf grass often depletes the soil, causing it to become acidic, under which conditions grass no longer performs as well or looks as beautiful. Lime, which is alkalizing and can help heal the soil in which your grass grows, is often the answer.

If you’re wondering about proper lime applications and timing to get the most beautiful yard possible, get in touch with us. We’ll help you plan out a liming strategy and schedule that works for you. Or we can just take care of your annual lime applications for you. No fuss, no muss—we will get the job done right, and you get to enjoy the results.

Additional Care Tips for Your Sandy Springs Lawn

In addition to understanding grass type and regularly liming your lawn, there are a number of other steps you should take to keep it vibrant and healthy, year after year. These include:

• Knowing how and when to water
Fertilizing intelligently without burning grass or making the growth of weeds or pests more likely
• Replanting annual grass species in a timely fashion, so your grass always looks green and healthy

Each of these tasks will help you keep your grass at its best, so you never have to worry about a place to play Bocce again. If staying on top of these tasks makes you feel overwhelmed, know you can always trust our Think Green Sandy Springs lawn services team to make the magic happen for you.

Get in touch with us today by visiting us online or calling (678) 648-2556 for professional Sandy Springs lawn services. We will gladly bring our expertise to your doorstep. Make an appointment today and we will come out to assess your lawn and provide a game plan to give you the best lawn possible this year.

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