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Milton, GA Lawn ServicesProperty owners in Milton, Georgia trust lawn services to an experienced and professional company practicing whole-lawn healthcare. Think Green Lawn Services improve the look and feel of your yard while effectively cutting back on toxins. How? Think Green’s Milton, GA lawn services take a common sense approach to lawn treatments other service providers ignore.

Extensive Experience Allows Us to Avoid Toxic Products

Lawn care companies don’t need to use the harshest chemicals available to clear up your weed and pest problems. In fact, at Think Green we’re able to use a gentle, eco-friendly formula while keeping your problems in check. Healthy lawns do a better job of fighting off the effects of every common challenge faced by Georgia grass. From watering issues to fungus and mineral imbalances, your yard will retain a thick, green appearance best with fewer chemicals when it has a strong root system.

Encouraging Robust Growth One Root at a Time With Milton, GA Lawn Services

In order to achieve the lush look you’re after, we’ll focus below the surface. Sparse, yellow grass and bare patches can be the result of several problems. Our Milton, GA lawn services address these issues first so none of your fertilizer or weed control goes to waste.

Think Green will:

• Accurately identify the species of grass growing on your property
• Formulate a treatment plan based on season type
• Test the soil for nutrient content, pH value and airflow
• Test and treat for grubs and fungus
• Fertilize, aerate and lime the soil to create ideal growing conditions for your grass type

Our additional services provide you with convenience, comfort and peace of mind. For instance, our mosquito control program will keep Georgia’s favorite buzzing, biting insects from your property throughout the spring, summer and fall. Fully enjoy your property all year long.

Our Top Performing Milton, GA Lawn Services

Certain problems are more common in Georgia than in other parts of the country, and with 30 years of experience in Georgia, Think Green’s Milton, GA  lawn services are adept at managing them all. We focus on soil quality first because it has such a big impact on the overall health of your grass.

Georgia soil is clay-heavy and becomes impacted over time. You’ll find our core aeration effectively breaks up the soil allowing for maximum airflow and oxygen dispersal necessary for roots to grow. Clay also impacts the acidity of the soil, preventing your grass from absorbing and processing nutrients. We time our liming treatments to work with the type of grass growing on your property.

Our mosquito treatments are designed to manage a large population of insects. We’re able to offer you effective pest control while using eco-friendly products gentle enough for children and pets.

Finally, our finely-tuned fertilizer and weed control applications create the perfect conditions for you to enjoy a flourishing lawn throughout the year. Regular treatments include expert application for even growth and appearance and spot treatments for your yard’s most troublesome invasive species.

Get the lawn you’ve always longed for with help from one of the top Milton, GA lawn services. Call Think Green at (678) 648-2556 for an initial consultation today. We’re confident our professional services will be what you need to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. Schedule your first service today!

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