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Fertilization & Weed Control

Select the best provider for lawn care Suwanee GA. Look for an experienced team with a great reputation and an eye for the specific problems your lawn is facing. Think Green Lawn Service offers a comprehensive collection of services – from fertilizer to fungicide application to weed control – to keep your lawn healthy and capable of withstanding the region’s harsh conditions.

A Healthy Lawn is a Happy Lawn

Most homeowners want that rich, robust lawn you can count on to look and feel great throughout the seasons. They may even spend a bundle trying to create the perfect conditions using retail products, only to be disappointed. Lawn care is complicated because it involves so many factors that aren’t obvious. Soil type, grass type, characteristics of your property and even those of neighboring lawns make an impact.

At Think Green Lawn Service, we make it a point to stay abreast of the right information. We’re sure the solutions we use are the most effective for the price, and we place a premium on lasting solutions. Forget about re-sodding your lawn until you give us a call. If your landscaper fails to treat underlying problems, you’ll need a replacement again in just a few years. We can avoid that expense and still help you to achieve the thick, lush grass you’re after.

Regular Lawn Care Treatments 

Starting in winter, our typical lawn care plan consists of pre- and post-emergent weed control applications and fertilizer. Together these provide your grass with the nutrients needed for improved growth while cutting out the competition. Depending on your property’s needs, these treatments come every four to six weeks. Many times, however, a yellow, sickly lawn has bigger problems.

Your grass may have access to adequate nutrients but lack the ability to absorb or process them. High acidity in the soil, restricted airflow, and fungal and bacterial issues interfere with growth. Left ignored, they can wipe out your grass system, or allow it to be overtaken by invasive weeds.

Think Green provides fast and efficient management of these problems through:

Also, if you have large trees or bushes on your property, you may need to provide extra nutrition to prevent your grass system from going without. We have special services available for tree and shrub care to keep all of your landscaping looking its best throughout the year.

Effective And Affordable Lawn Care 

Our state poses many challenges for homeowners, and Think Green Lawn Service helps manage many of them on your behalf. Our professional treatments are much more effective than products available in retail stores. Avoid the need for investing in repeated treatments by hiring a company with effective methods. Our long list of satisfied clients proves we’re a company you can trust.

Get in touch with Think Green Lawn Services in Suwanee, Georgia whenever you’re looking to save time, effort and money in creating a green and healthy yard. Call (678) 648-2556 and schedule your first treatment today.

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