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Lawn Services in Flowery Branch, GeorgiaIf your yard hasn’t looked as lush and green as you like, consider changing over to Think Green Lawn Services in Flowery Branch, Georgia. We’ve been providing top-level lawn care to homes near Lake Lanier for three decades. The region may pose special challenges to homeowners, but with our extensive experience, we can tackle any problem plaguing your property.

Quick Solutions to Flowery Branch’s Toughest Lawn Problems

Is your grass yellow and uneven? Are there bare patches in your lawn? More importantly, do you know why this is happening?

The culprit could be:

• Lack of nutrients
• Fungal infection
• Poor soil conditions
• Invasive pests and weeds

Think Green’s professional lawn services in Flowery Branch, Georgia have the knowledge to quickly identify the root of the problem. By addressing the source directly, we cure your ills as quickly as possible. Other companies may pile on applications hoping one will do the trick. The problem is that this introduces unnecessary chemicals into your landscaping and weakness to your healthy plants.

Our most popular services include:

• Fertilization and weed control
• Liming and aeration
• Grub and mosquito control
• Tree and shrub treatments

Green Solutions for Healthy Families and a Better World

The professionals at Think Green Lawn Services in Flowery Branch, Georgia focus on the health of the plants growing on your property. We recommend the gentlest, most effective treatments available. Ask us about our eco-friendly products beneficial to families with children and pets. You’ll see why we’re one of the most recommended lawn services in Flowery Branch, Georgia when you see the results we achieve while using alternative products.

We understand the best way to stack product applications for maximum value. Many times, by clearing up one problem, you remove or greatly reduce the need for others. Our goal is the lasting health of your yard, because healthy grass will give you the robust look you desire.

Treating Grass Types Popular in Flowery Branch, Georgia

Properties around Lake Lanier are home to warm and cool-season grass varieties. It’s important to accurately identify your lawn, as each type has distinct needs. Timing has a major impact on the effectiveness of treatments and the overall health of your lawn.

Cool-season grasses like fescue are hardiest in fall, making it an excellent time to aerate and apply harsh pesticide and fertilizer treatments. Warm-season grasses are hardiest in spring. Follow the wrong care plan, and you could wind up damaging your lawn and forgoing that thick, green grass you’re after for several seasons to come.

Schedule Lawn Services in Flowery Branch, Georgia

Schedule lawn services in Flowery Branch, Georgia with one of the area’s most knowledgeable, experienced and reliable companies. Safeguard your property against common growth problems and treatment errors alike, and make sure you’re always using the gentlest, most effective products on the market. Contact our team of experts at Think Green Lawn Service at (678) 648-2556.

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