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Lawn Services In Canton, GALooking for professional lawn services in Canton, GA? You’re on the right track. Experts often handle fertilizing, weed control and other tasks at a fraction of the cost you would spend on your own, and you get better results!

Think Green To Save

As professionals with 30 years of experience, we have access to products you haven’t even heard about before. We have the tools and training to make the most of those applications too. While you can purchase low-grade fertilizer and weed control off of the store shelf, it isn’t a fraction as powerful, and in many cases, these products pose increased risks to you and your family.

At Think Green Lawn Care, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with high-value services. Our costs are kept manageable because we buy the very best lawn solutions in bulk. Among our favorite products are eco-friendly pesticides used to minimize common problems. These are so effective because we keep your yard healthy.

Here are just a few Think Green differences:

We apply the right fertilizer for your grass and soil at critical times during the year.

  • We core aerate your lawn, removing plugs of clay-based soil to improve airflow.
  • We overseed as needed, at the most appropriate times for your type of grass.
  • We treat for grubs when they are most vulnerable and before they’ve caused damage.

Combining our extensive knowledge and professional resources, our lawn services in Canton, GA are able to maximize the impact of every service visit.

Lawn Services In Canton, GA Available Through Think Green

Of the handful of lawn care companies operating in Canton, Georgia, few offer the generous selection of services we have at Think Green. We go the extra mile so you can enjoy a robust and healthy lawn. We take a holistic approach and have solutions to practically every problem your yard can develop. From fungal growth to fire ants, challenges facing Georgia homeowners are quickly identified and managed by our team of trained lawn care technicians.

Our most popular services include:

The average homeowner may not realize all the ways Georgia’s climate and soil work against the look they desire. The hot, humid stretch of summer burns grass and leads to thin and spotty growth. The heavy clay-based soil gets too compacted for oxygen or minerals to reach plant roots. An overabundance of mosquitoes, ants, beetles and other insects propagate quickly in the heat, and our short, mild winters aren’t strong enough to take them – or common weeds – out entirely. Therefore, professional lawn services in Canton, GA may be necessary.

To survive, your lawn needs the right nutrients delivered at the right moments to encourage sturdy, sustained growth. That’s where we excel. Instead of encouraging you to resod a wilting lawn, we’ll help you revive it, escaping the expensive services while setting you up for future success.

Get in touch with one of the leading lawn services in Canton, GA today. Schedule a service visit with Think Green Lawn Care by calling (678) 648-2556.

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