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Take advantage of the most effective Harrisburg, North Carolina lawn services. Whether you need help revitalizing a wilted lawn or clearing out pests in your trees and shrubs, we have the solutions capable of saving you in the long run. Think Green Lawn Service focuses on creating a healthy environment where vibrant grass and thick, hearty plants thrive.

Assess Your Harrisburg, North Carolina Lawn’s Needs

North Carolina offers unique challenges to property owners looking to grow lush, green grass, and healthy trees. The climate is the tip of the iceberg. While hot, humid summers and short winters go a long way to further pest and fungus-related problems, the soil is the real issue. The earth in the region has a high clay content which poses a challenge to airflow and pH values.

Homeowners in North Carolina may also be dealing with different types of grass in their lawns. We have warm-season and cool-season grasses in the Harrisburg area, and each type has different needs. Compounding this problem is that homeowners don’t often have the knowledge they need to identify what’s growing in the yard, let alone see the signs of a problem. Professional services may be necessary to achieve the kind of lawn you’re after.

Create a General Lawn Care Schedule

After assessing your lawn, the Harrisburg, North Carolina lawn services at Think Green will put your grass on a fertilization and weed control schedule, with applications every four to six weeks. Products are selected based on the needs of your grass type and the weeds found on your property.

You can trust that we’ll always use the top solutions available. These products are much more effective than those you find in retail stores, and it’s important they be applied by professionals. A potent herbicide used in the wrong way can wipe out your lawn, where fertilizer applied incorrectly can lead to uneven growth.

Treating Special Lawn Problems

While the basic Harrisburg, North Carolina lawn services at Think Green handle weeds and your lawn’s nutritional needs, there are times when extra help is required. Your lawn may struggle to grow, appearing sparse and yellow. It may be overrun with mosquitos, beetles or other pests. You may even suffer a fungal infection, threatening all of your landscaping plants. Think Green Lawn Service provides you with expert solutions to special problems like these and more.

Get in touch whenever you need:

• Overseeding
• Liming
• Core aeration
• Fungicide application
• Mosquito, flea and spider control
• Lawn revitalization

There’s no need to resod your lawn to get the look you want, and if there’s a problem with the soil, it won’t solve your problems for long. We can create a healthy environment in your yard, so the grass is green and lush and fights off weeds and pests with ease – all at a savings.

Schedule your Harrisburg, North Carolina lawn services today.

Contact Think Green Lawn Service at (678) 648-2556 for Harrisburg, North Carolina lawn services.  Ask about our regular weed control and fertilizing treatments or discuss any issues affecting your grass today.

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