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Fayetteville Georgia Lawn ServicesLooking for lawn treatment Fayetteville GA trusts? Be sure to give Think Green Lawn Service a call. We’re the only company in the area with an emphasis on total lawn health. Our approach improves and maintains the look of your lawn while allowing for the use of gentle chemicals. Protect your property and your family’s health by switching to our professional lawn treatments today.

Better Solutions, Better Results With Fayetteville Georgia Lawn Services

At Think Green Lawn Service, we approach lawn care from the roots up. With a healthy grass root system, your yard will have an easier time resisting weeds, pests, fungus and other common ailments. More importantly, your grass will be able to absorb and process nutrients more efficiently, allowing you to save money on fertilizer and other treatments.

We begin by identifying the type of grass growing on your property and assessing it for unique risks. We then develop a treatment plan perfectly suited to its growth patterns. For instance, warm-season grasses are strongest in spring and better able to handle aeration and similar treatments early in the growing season. Cool-season grasses are exactly the opposite. Companies practicing cookie-cutter treatment plans may wind up doing more harm than good.

By creating the right growing environments for your grass, we promote the robust growth that provides natural protection against invasive weeds and pests. You will also achieve that thick, green look you want without the expense and time needed for resodding. Laying a new lawn over soil with poor growing conditions won’t lead to lasting solutions. Work with Think Green’s Fayetteville Georgia lawn services to improve the health of your lawn before a major replacement.

Expert Approach to Lawn Treatment Fayetteville Trusts

It isn’t as simple to grow healthy green grass in Georgia as one might expect. Why? The location presents certain challenges property owners don’t expect. The problem is too many professional lawn care companies aren’t looking out for them either, leading to wasted investments and ugly grass.

Think Green treatment plans consider Georgia’s:

• High soil clay content
• Heat and humidity
• Vast insect population
• Mix of vegetation types

Clay alone can cause major problems when it comes to growing lawns. It impacts both airflow and acidity, two major challenges when it comes to reinforcing root systems. You can’t just throw fertilizer at yellow, sparse grass and expect it to solve your problems. Without the ability to absorb those minerals, your lawn will continue to struggle. Think Green aeration and liming can repair your soil, creating the perfect conditions for your lawn to flourish.

However, we treat other nuisances to your lawn as well. Mosquitos are a major problem for families looking to enjoy a day outdoors. Our prevention methods effectively keep your property free of buzzing, biting insects. They have the additional benefit of being eco-friendly and gentle enough for homes with children and pets.

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Enjoy the look and feel of your yard all throughout the year by scheduling Fayetteville Georgia lawn services with Think Green Lawn Service. Call (770) 844-7488 to get your free consultation today.

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