Lawn Care Service Duluth GA

Looking for affordable Duluth, Georgia lawn services? Think Green Lawn Service is capable of delivering the most results for the lowest cost available. Our Duluth, Georgia lawn services will customize your treatment schedule to meet the needs of your property. From location and soil quality to grass type and existing conditions, we create the perfect treatment regimen to provide you with a green, healthy lawn.

Lawn Fertilizer Treatments With Duluth, Georgia Lawn Services

Do you have a cool-season or a warm-season grass? The answer makes a big difference when it comes to fertilizer. If you have a cool-season grass, like fescue or bluegrass, you’ll want to start spring off right with a heavy dose of nitrogen. Bermuda or Centipede grass? You’ll want mixes containing more phosphorus and potassium.

The specifics can get really confusing. That’s where we come in. Think Green will assess your lawn and determine what fertilizers will work best on your property. Best yet, we’ll apply them quickly and efficiently, providing you with even coverage.

Weed and Pest Control for Your Georgia Lawn

Weed control works in two basic ways. Post-emergent products are applied to existing weeds. They’re spot treatments meant for individual plants or groups of plants. These can be tricky to use without damaging surrounding grass. Pre-emergent solutions are applied to your entire lawn. They address weed seeds which haven’t germinated yet. Using these products in the right concentrations and at the right time makes all the difference.

Our pest control products range from grub to mosquito control. We use eco-friendly products as much to protect your grass as your family and pets. They’re still more effective than the solutions you’ll find on a retail store shelf, however, especially when used by one of our experts. Improve your comfort and protect your family, pets and grass from nasty pets with just a few simple treatments.

Duluth, Georgia Lawn Services Can Aerate and Lime Your Lawn

Many homeowners struggle with growing rich, green grass despite adding fertilizer to their lawns. They aren’t aware of other factors keeping them from their goals, or that help is available.

Two common issues may prevent your grass from getting the nutrients it needs:

• Compacted soil
• High acidity

As soil compacts over time, it restricts airflow to root systems. Oxygen is needed to help grass process nutrients. In Georgia, the soil has high clay content in many areas. This clay makes compaction more likely. Compaction makes new liquid aeration treatments much less efficient. Core aeration physically removes plugs of earth from your lawn, allowing air to reach the roots easily and stimulate new growth.

This clay soil is often high in acidity which prevents nutrients from being absorbed. Lime should be added to your property to adjust the pH. Think Green Lawn Service has the training and tools necessary to identify these problems and treat them effectively.

Achieve the lush, green lawn you’ve been dreaming about with just a few Duluth, Georgia lawn services. Save money by investing in solutions you can trust. Contact Think Green Lawn Service today at (678) 648-2556.

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