Do Mosquito Control Services Really Work?

Jun 6, 2022Mosquito Control Method

Mosquito control services help limit the number of biting insects on your property. Georgia is swarming with “skeeters” by the start of summer, making for a miserable trip every time you go outdoors. Professional treatments can help get these pests under control with little inconvenience.

Here are the hows and whys mosquito services really do work.

Regular applications deliver customized services.

A pest control company may have to visit your home every four to six weeks throughout warm months to control mosquito populations. In contrast, a misting system may claim to offer constant protection by releasing chemicals every few days. The question is, what products are they releasing? Typically, one type of product is in the misting systems. Not only does that ignore the state of your lawn and the stage of development the mosquitoes there are currently in—egg versus larvae vs adult—but it also ignores the species of mosquitoes on your property. This is a big issue for Georgia, where there are more different types than in other areas. Professional treatments can be customized to treat the problems you’re really facing, so it’s money well spent.

Monitoring water sources helps disrupt mosquito development.

Emptying out containers that may capture rainwater and adding growth inhibitors to water features around your home prevent eggs from becoming adults. When treated at this early stage, prevention can kill thousands of mosquitoes before they have the chance to invade your spaces.This is something a professional pest control company often includes with regular services. Just as with lawn treatments, they’re more effective because they can be tailored to the mosquito species found in your area. You’ll also get access to the latest and most effective green products, ensuring your yard is comfortable without putting the environment at risk.

Bug zappers and ultrasonic devices are worthless against mosquitoes.

Despite rigorous testing, most bug-related gadgets are found to be completely useless against mosquito infestations. Worse, bug lights can kill helpful insects that help keep mosquito populations down. While they can be mesmerizing to watch, especially for children, bug zappers usually contribute to your problems. These kinds of expensive gizmos take money away from investments that really work.

Simple box fans can provide a bit of relief.

Even a thorough treatment plan can’t prevent bugs from flying in from a neighbor’s lawn. If you’re entertaining outdoors, you may attract unwanted pests. You can place a regular box fan, the kind available at any big box store, near the food table or gathering areas to blow mosquitoes away from guests. They’re really very delicate and can’t fight the wind currents.

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