The Best Lawn Treatment Plan For A Great Summer Lawn

Mar 14, 2022Custom Lawn Treatment Plan

The best lawn treatment plan considers climate, soil composition, and grass type, which poses an obstacle for homeowners from step one. Most people simply don’t have the time to become an expert on these issues. Hiring professionals makes it possible to achieve a thick, rich, green lawn faster and more affordably than handling it on your own. What does that entail exactly? At Think Green Lawn Service, we have a multistep treatment plan consisting of applications every four to six weeks, as needed.

Lawn Care Begins in the Winter

Georgia winters are short and warm enough to allow for winter weed growth. It’s imperative to stop these invasive plants before they get out of control. Select varieties can even be stopped before they even germinate, but it takes precise timing. Pre-emergent solutions must be applied in winter or early spring before ground temperatures reach 50 °.

Early Spring Feeding Benefits Your Lawn Treatment Plan

If you want a lush, green lawn, along with early spring treatments to control or prevent common Georgia weeds, it’s important to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and vigorous. This can be tricky for the Georgia homeowner as we live in a region with two main types of grass: cool-season and warm-season. These grass types have different requirements for fertilization. Without the appropriate products, your lawn may be under or overfed. Harsh products can burn your grass as well, leading to sparse, yellow growth by the end of summer.

Regular Lawn Maintenance Every 4 – 6 Weeks

Your lawn treatment plan should include alternating treatments of fertilizer and weed control throughout the end of fall. Post-emergent products are spot applications that lawn care pros use to clear up broadleaf and grassy weeds. Pre-emergents are comprehensive solutions meant to address seeds waiting to sprout. Fertilizers alternate depending upon the type of lawn you have, the other plants in your landscaping and the needs of your grass.

Professional companies have access to higher quality products than you find in retail stores. Our technicians also have access to the tools and training needed to put solutions to their best use. This is just one reason it pays to hire fertilization and weed control out, along with specialty services.

Lime, Aeration, Fungus, and Pests

If you want a thick, vibrant, green lawn, from time to time, you’ll have to go beyond the basics. This is especially true if your property has the heavy clay soil so prevalent in Georgia. Aeration is essential to keep oxygen available to grass root systems; you’ll need lime to balance the pH for maximum growth. We also have fungicides and pest protection available to work against other common lawn problems. More importantly, we know when your lawn needs fungicides and pest protection.

Achieve the beautiful yard you deserve with a custom lawn treatment plan suited to your property’s challenges. Call our local Cumming lawn care branch for affordable, effective professional services for the best lawn treatment plan at (678) 648-2556.

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