How Fall Pre Emergent Weed Control Can Help Your Lawn All Year

Nov 14, 2022Weed Control

One of the most important lawn treatments of the year is fall pre emergent weed control. If you’re used to skimping on maintenance and doing the least with your yard throughout the year, this is the one time you should step it up. Of course, it’s more effective when you aerate your lawn. A professional will be able to handle the job with ease, but any fall treatment is better than nothing.

Here are the top ways a fall pre emergent weed control application benefit your lawn all year.

Control spring weeds.

Pre emergent weed control stops weeds before they sprout. In fact, they stop weed seeds before they germinate. Crabgrass begins to take root at around 50 degrees, which can be as early as late January in Georgia. Chances are, you won’t be busy with yard work then; so, do it now and safeguard your spring grass.

Prevent summer and fall weeds as well.

When you treat your lawn with fall pre emergent weed control products, you cut weeds off at the pass. Come spring, fewer invasive plants sprout. And, fewer plants drop fewer seeds. Therefore fewer plants will sprout in summer, and so on. Like a domino effect, fall pre emergent helps control invasive growth in your grass throughout the growing season. While it won’t prevent weeds from spreading onto your property from a neighboring home or seeds traveling via wind or animal, you will see a marked improvement even if you just apply pre emergent at this time of year.

Aeration maximizes the benefits.

Fall is a popular time of year for homeowners with cool-season grasses to both aerate and seed their lawns. Typical aeration involves cutting plugs of soil from the lawn to increase airflow. Fall is the perfect time for fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and ryegrass to go through this process because of the strength of its root system. However, it also creates pockets for pre emergent, allowing your lawn to be treated from the roots up.

Your lawn will be primed for new lawn growth.

Laying seed down in areas where your grass is thin is commonly performed in the fall. Unfortunately, pre emergent and new grass seed can conflict with one another. It’s not advisable to apply them simultaneously to the same areas of your yard. Instead, watch new grass carefully in early spring. Then treat crabgrass and other weeds with a post emergent product as soon as they appear. The pre emergent you apply to the rest of your lawn will control weeds that could creep into and overtake these patches of new growth.

Fall Pre Emergent Weed Control from Think Green

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