6 Tips for Controlling Nutsedge in Your Lawn

Sep 14, 2019Weed Control

Controlling Nutsedge in Your LawnControlling nutsedge in your lawn is a top priority if you want to avoid this African native plant. Another name for nutsedge is nutgrass, but in reality this is more like a weed as it is part of the sedge family. This grass-like plant has stems and flowers, making it far from your ideal lawn grass. If you think you have nutsedge, or you want to get a jump on avoiding this sedge, check out these go-to gardening tips.

What Can You Do About Controlling Nutsedge In Your Lawn?

Nutsedge is a hardy, and hardly liked, lawn plant. It thrives well especially in hot, wet conditions, which is one reason why the Ancient Egyptians came to accept this type of sedge. In fact, you could eat nutgrass if you really wanted to seek revenge. It is called Tigernut and Chufa in the Middle East. You can even purchase Tigernuts, as a form of prebiotic fiber to aid in digestion. Not interested in dining on your nutsedge? Take a stab at killing it off for good.

Ways to Kill Nutgrass for Good

If you are striving for a streamlined landscape, nutsedge is most likely not in your grand scheme of things. Instead of dining on Tigernuts you just want to kill nut grass for good. You aren’t alone. Here are some ways for controlling nutsedge in your lawn, so it leaves for your lifetime:

• Since nutsedge grows via tubers rather than roots, you can’t simply pull it out of the ground. You have to dig deep, often as far as 14 inches down in order to get at the real root of the problem.

• Don’t forget to grab the nutlets and seeds of the plant when removing it. If left behind, a single seed will respawn this aggressive plant.

• After you dig up the nutgrass, use a mesh screen to sift through all of the soil surrounding the plant. This will help you find those seeds and nutlets hiding in plain sight.

• Bag up the nutsedge and burn it if you are feeling particularly unhappy with this weed. It is not toxic when burned, but you might not want to toss the ashes in your compost pile out of fear that the weed will return.

How to Keep Nutsedge Out of Your Lawn for Good

Nutgrass thrives in poorly drained areas of lawn. Keep your lawn aerated to prevent nutsedge from taking root or spreading. Also, nutsedge takes off like wildfire when the temperatures warm up. Be on the alert as summer temps take off to control this weed before it goes on a rampage.

Ready for help controlling nutsedge in your lawn? Whether you need a team of lawn experts to deal with poorly draining soil, or you simply want someone to remove your pesky nutgrass for you, we can help. Visit Think Green online or give us a call at (678) 648-2556. We will take care of your nutgrass problem right away.

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