Wondering When to Apply Lime to Your Yard?

Mar 13, 2023Lime Application

Knowing when to apply lime has a big impact on the health of your lawn and the effectiveness of the application. If you apply it too soon in the season, you’ll burn your grass. Too late, and the lime won’t have an impact. Timing relies on an understanding of why you’re adding lime to begin with.

When to Apply Lime: Acidity and Your Soil

It can be easy to forget that grass—like any plant—is a living thing and has certain requirements for it to grow well. If all you ate was highly acidic foods like tomatoes or oranges, your body would start feeling upset. Your throat would be sore, your tongue might be sensitive and you’d get a stomach ache. The same thing happens to grass when its soil is too acidic.

Unfortunately, once you notice the results, the damage is likely done for the season, and all you can do is your best in mitigating the problems. New growth will be helped by a lime application. The important thing is to do it correctly so you don’t wind up with even more of a problem.

You can prevent acidity-related damage testing your soil’s pH levels—the lower the results, the more acidic the soil. You can test your soil anytime, either by using a home testing kit or taking a sample to a greenhouse or a UGA extension office that offers soil testing. If your lawn’s pH is 5.5 or lower, you need to add lime to reduce its acidity.

Professional vs. DIY Applications

With the coming of spring, many homeowners want to get a jumpstart on all their outdoor maintenance. Evening out the acidity of your soil will help your growth the following season. Some experts don’t recommend adding lime during spring or summer because of the risks of burning the grass already growing.

Many lawn care professionals have the tools and knowledge required to add lime to the soil at any time of year. They have access to products that consumers don’t have the training to safely use, and so hiring someone to fix your yard’s pH can kick start your repair efforts.

For DIY’ers, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, because it can be difficult to evenly apply, it’s best to add lime to your soil when everything is dry. Uneven application isn’t good for your yard, as it leaves certain areas too acidic while others may become too alkaline. Either condition can result in poor growth.

Second, don’t wait too long in the season as lime needs to penetrate through several inches of soil. That’s more difficult once temperatures have really dropped. You’ll want to get it in sooner than later to ensure you grow healthier grass in the following season.

If you’ve been wondering when to apply lime to your lawn, now is it! Call the pros at Think Green at (678) 648-2556 to schedule service now.

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