Do Shrubs and Trees Need Extra Care in the Spring?

Mar 2, 2021Tree And Shrub Care

shrubs and treesShrubs and trees are focal pieces in many yards. Take care of them right along with your lawn, or your entire landscape may suffer the consequences. At Think Green Lawn Service, we focus on creating healthy landscapes capable of thriving in Georgia’s harsh climate. Unfortunately, too many people expect larger plants to perform well on autopilot. Taking that stance can hurt your trees, your shrubs, and your grass!

Your Plants Need Protection

Georgia’s hot and humid climate is one of the worst in the country when it comes to insects. We have more than our fair share, even early in the year. Your landscaping will host several types of bugs. They hurt trees and shrubs in three main ways:

1. Sucking pests draw sap out of plants, causing black, curled and mottled growth
2. Chewing pests burrow into trunks and mow through foliage
3. Boring pests tunnel deep into limbs, introducing fungus and bacteria

In early spring – even in winter – the temperatures are low enough to force many insects into hibernation and preserve eggs for hatching in warmer weather. So, you can prevent pest problems from erupting by clearing them out before they wake up. And, the earlier you apply these solutions, the better.

If you miss the first wave of opportunity, don’t worry. There’s still time to get ahead of invasive bugs. Young insects are less formidable, meaning you’ll be able to use gentler solutions to rid your trees, bushes and grass of tiny invaders. Late in spring also provides options to tackle infestations migrating from other properties. Think Green uses eco-friendly pesticides capable of treating pest problems without putting your pets or children at risk.

Shrubs and Trees Need Nutrients

All the plants on your property begin to grow again as ground temperatures rise above 50 degrees. Hence, this means your grass, your bushes, your trees, and your weeds will all require nutrients around the same time. And, if there’s not enough to go around, it’s likely your grass will suffer the most. However, a lack of essential minerals will cause all of your living landscaping to underperform throughout the whole year.

Early spring is the perfect time to apply fertilizer to the root zones of large plants in your landscaping. Proper placement allows for easy access and prevents issues that come with trees and shrub roots having to search for food on their own. In addition to taking nutrients away from other plants in your yard, wandering roots can be a source of plumbing and foundation problems.

So, start the growing season off on the right foot for the shrubs and trees on your property. Not only will they look their very best, but you’ll safeguard your property against common problems. Call our local Fayetteville lawn service branch at (770) 844-7488 to schedule special spring care for your shrubs and trees today.

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