Season Long Weed Control Tips and Tricks

Dec 13, 2021Weed Control

Season long weed control sometimes gets pushed to the wayside during winter, but it shouldn’t. You have the best chance to wipe certain varieties out now before the spring push. Keep an eye out for winter weeds, and select the best products to treat them in order to have a green, lush lawn in a few months.

This winter, be sure to keep these season long weed control tips on the brain.

Keep an eye out for new growth.

Experts name them winter weeds because they grow – albeit, slowly – all season. These include broadleaf weeds like dandelions, invasive grasses and grass-like weeds, like wild onion. Your local extension office can help you identify the most common weeds for your area. Pay special attention to chickweed, pepperweed, henbit, crabgrass and dandelions. Knowing what weeds you have growing in your lawn is the first step to season long weed control.

Locate a high-quality post-emergent weed control product.

One of the benefits of hiring a professional team for weed eradication is the access a commercial service has to stronger products. Our professional technicians make the most of every solution we offer. They’re also armed with the appropriate gear to apply them correctly. Catching weeds at this stage of growth while your lawn is overwintering provides a significant return on your investment. If you’re committed to going at it alone, look for a post-emergent product tailored to the type of weed you’re trying to get rid of. Be mindful that using the wrong product for season long weed control might be ineffective. It could also kill off your grass.

Apply weed control at the right temperatures.

Georgia winters aren’t unreasonably warm, but they’re still mild enough to promote growth. It’s best to use that to your advantage. Applying post-emergent weed control works best at moderate temperatures. Wait, if you can, for a warm spell where temperatures are between 50 F and 60 F. Remember, that is the temperature of the air. By the time ground temperatures reach 50 F (sometime in February) winter weeds will already be flourishing. Treat them before that happens, as it’s much easier for your grass to handle the stress before spring growth begins.

Get expert assistance with an overseeded lawn.

If you aerated and overseeded in fall, treating for winter weeds may throw a wrench in your plans. Grass seed and seedlings are more susceptible to the stress herbicides place on grass. However, they’re also more vulnerable to the damages caused by winter weeds as they leach water and nutrients away from new grass growth. To avoid bare patches or yellow spots in your lawn, speak with professionals experienced in season long weed control and winter weed management.

Think Green Lawn Care provides customers in and around Cumming, Georgia, with top-notch season-long weed control. If you’re unsure of the best way to manage winter weed growth, be sure to give us a call. To schedule your initial appointment or to get more advice about season long weed control call us at (678) 648-2556.

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