What Does the Average Homeowner Really Need to Know about Pesticides for Lawns?

Apr 9, 2018Lawn Pesticides

pesticides for lawnsWhile there are a few time-tested, reliable brands on the market, there are many different types of pesticides for lawns. These control the number of pests in your yard. However, not all of them are safe to use on your grass. Lawn treatment specialists have the training and education they need to effectively drive off weeds and bugs without damaging your yard. Unfortunately, impatient or negligent homeowners interested in the fastest solution to problems have been known to create lasting problems that require complete resodding in areas.

Here’s what you need to know in order to protect your lawn, your health, and your home:

It’s not just about comfort.

Mosquitos are one of the few downfalls of carefree summer months. Sure, the heat couldn’t be stickier or more intense. But it’s also bright, sunny and easy to plan for outdoor entertainment. Making sure your guests aren’t bothered by buzzing, biting “skeeters” is part of being a good host. But by running these insects off, you’ll also help your family and friends stay safe.

Mosquitos aren’t just rumored to spread nasty diseases; it’s a proven fact. From malaria to West Nile Virus, blood-sucking insects can spread serious health problems with complications including encephalitis and death.

Pesticides pose human risks.

A professional lawn care application includes warnings regarding access and aftercare of your lawn. Why? Because pesticides are poisonous. Regardless of whether they’re purchased over the counter or only by those appropriately certified for their use, they pose risks to human health. Ironically these risks are greatest for children, the most likely members of your family to be exposed.

Pesticides can be safely used. But only if you take these warnings seriously. Read the packaging and figure out how long you’ll need between application and lawn usage. Devise some way of controlling access and informing the neighborhood. Control access to your yard. Then take special measures to keep your home and car from being contaminated during peak times.

Your lawn is safest when you use selective products.

There are pesticides aimed at controlling specific types of pests and weeds. There are products used for control of any pests or weeds. It’s important to note the difference.

Certain pre-emergents, for instance, aren’t focused on any particular larvae or seed. But they will prevent anything from growing for years after application. These products are useful in areas where you plan to lay down concrete, for instance. But homeowners who aren’t careful may mistake them for overall yard treatments and wind up completely ruining their grass and rendering their soil useless. Spot treatments can have a similar impact.

Talking with a garden center pro can help avoid these mistakes, but if you’re facing an obstacle you haven’t tackled before, it might be a wiser investment to hire the job out the first time around.

Rather not spend the next nice weekend poking holes in your lawn? Understandable! Call (678) 648-2556 to contact Think Green for a free estimate on pesticides for lawns and keep your weekend to yourself instead.

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