It’s Grub Season! Do You Have the Right Lawn Pest Control?

Apr 7, 2019Grub Control

lawn pest controlLawn pest control doesn’t just make your lawn look beautiful; it makes it easy to enjoy time spent outdoors. Drive away bugs permanently with timely pesticide applications. Grubs can destroy the root system of your lawn, opening the door to total weed takeover. The last thing you want to deal with this summer is a lawn where grubs have taken over. Learn what you can do to create the most beautiful, grub-free lawn possible.

Consider the following ways grubs impact your yard and what can be done to stop them:

Stop grubs before they start with lawn pest control.

Beetles, like many winged insects, start their lives out as larvae. These short, thick worms go about their jobs of collecting as many nutrients as possible in order to fuel their future transformations.

Unfortunately, grubs are nothing like the cute little caterpillars that morph into butterflies. They won’t be found munching milkweed in a peaceful pasture somewhere or crawling up the side of a sleepy oak. Instead, they live underground in the soil, and they eat your lawn from the bottom up.

You won’t see them in time to prevent most of the damage either. It’s essential for your first pest control treatments to begin in the fall if you want to prevent grubs from showing up in your yard at all. However, if you don’t catch them before they’re active in spring, lawn treatments can still minimize the damage.

Proper timing makes treatment affordable and effective.

During the cold months, grubs burrow deep into the ground where pesticide applications can’t penetrate. During spring, as soil thaws, the grubs return to the top soil. This is the time to apply treatments because the grubs are easy to reach.

However, the root system of your lawn is also sensitive if it’s been under attack. A professional can help you determine whether your lawn needs to be reinforced with fertilizer before pest issues can be addressed. By April, Georgia homeowners should be well on their way to re-establishing thick, lush fescue lawns. Managing grub damage is necessary to protect your yard from other weeds and pests.

Early grub treatment means fewer bugs later on.

Beetles and June bugs can be problematic, especially for homeowners who like to entertain outdoors. Taking care of grub infestations can lead to bug free summers. While insects can travel, you’re much more likely to suffer from swarms originating on your own property. Protect yourself–and your summer–by treating for grubs early.

If you’ve been wondering when to apply lime to your lawn, or when to start an effective lawn pest control routine, now is it! Get on top of your lawn pest control today by calling the pros at Think Green at (678) 648-2556.

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