Why Is a Lawn Fertilization Program Important for Healthy Grass?

Mar 6, 2023Lawn Fertilization

Understanding your lawn fertilization program is the only way to ensure you have healthy grass, as the demands of Mother Nature put modern lawns under stress. Pests, pollution, invasive weeds, temperature changes, and pets can damage your grass. Not only can it wind up looking awful. It could die out completely. No one wants a yard full of dust—or of mud once it rains.

Most people have no idea of what different mixes stand for, let alone the best time to apply them. Change that, and you will have the nicest looking yard on the block. Fertilizer, along with timely weed and pest control, makes it possible to have a lush, green lawn even when summer turns the heat up.

Heavy-duty formulas boost grass growth.

Fertilizer is made of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and filler. Consumer brands generally contain lower-quality mixes, but they’re also safer for a layperson to handle on their own. Professionals use fertilizer requiring special tools and protective gear.  They also impact access to your lawn for several days following application. Attempting to secure these products and apply them yourself is usually against the law. They can be harmful to your health if handled incorrectly.

According to Popular Mechanics, the art of growing a fine, green lawn isn’t rocket science, but it can be broken down into formulas. For instance, to see maximum benefits, homeowners should add one-tenth of a pound of nitrogen to their lawn every week. Less than that and your lawn won’t be as vibrant as it could be. More than that? You’ll be growing a lot of grass, but it won’t look any better. You’ll just have to spend more time mowing to keep it looking maintained. A 20-5-10 mix is a hearty balance for spring lawns, and the first ideal date for application is just around the corner.

Even application helps create a uniform look.

Professionals have the tools and training to apply fertilizer evenly to your whole yard, but consumers are much better off using granulated products with a spreader. Uneven fertilizer application will leave your lawn uneven in color, girth and growth. You may also struggle with weeds or pests in area where fertilization has been low, as the health of your lawn determines how capable it is of defending itself.

You can see this in yards where maintenance is lacking. It may be bare or low and sickly near a large tree and filled with taller crabgrass next to the street. Patches of dark and light grass, or of patches of dirt, can be common problems for lawns that don’t receive the nutrients they need to put up with society’s demands.

The first application of the year is typically done in early spring to replace the nutrients lost during winter. Following that, treatments should take place every four to eight weeks, depending upon the types of products and applications used. Fall, too, shouldn’t be forgotten. For experts who know the damage winter can cause on root systems, it’s the most important treatment of the year.

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