Is There Such a Thing as Effective Mosquito Control?

May 1, 2020Mosquito Control Method

effective mosquito controlEffective mosquito control can mean the difference between a fun-filled summer and one spent suffering indoors. Unfortunately, it’s challenging even with the help of professionals. You really need to approach the problem from different angles to prevent mosquitoes from biting and potentially spreading disease.

Follow these tips to enjoy a mosquito-free summer:

Eliminate stagnate water around your home.

While Georgia is home to more than 63 species of mosquito—making control methods a definite challenge—most mosquitoes require standing water in order to hatch and grow their eggs. Without this water, they simply won’t have the opportunity to take roost on your property. Just keep in mind the size of mosquitoes and consider how much standing water they’ll need. Outdoor furniture, play equipment and even pots and tools can provide places for a little water to pool.

Another concern, specifically in Georgia, is what happens to the ground when there’s a lot of spring rain. If the ground isn’t capable of holding it all, water can naturally pool in flower beds, on sidewalks and even on the lawn. Take steps to keep this water moving. Only still water will protect mosquito eggs. If your yard has especially challenging elements, you can find products to add to the water to prevent eggs from maturing.

Hire a trusted lawn pest control provider.

The biggest benefit to working with professionals is the amount of knowledge—gained through industry resources and experience—but the second best thing is access to top-rated products. The mosquito bombs you can buy off the shelf don’t hold a candle to commercial applications. These products can be applied to your entire lawn and attack mosquitos in every stage of development. Many store-bought products are nothing more than repellants, and they aren’t very effective at providing blanket protection for your yard.

Regular treatments can help control mosquitoes during different stages of development. Even if you remove water from your property, mosquitoes can migrate from neighboring yards. In fact, some species can travel up to 3 miles in search of food. Unfortunately, that food could turn out to be you.

Limit your risk factors.

If you’re hosting a pool party or BBQ, there are steps you can take to attract fewer bugs. There are also things you can do to become the lifeblood of the party for your tiny winged friends. Perfume, cologne and other heavy-scented personal hygiene products have been proven to increase your chance of bites.

If that seems like common sense, you may be surprised by the other beacons. Beer, for instance, surprised researchers as an attractant. Bare feet can be too, and because your footsies share a common bacteria with certain types of stinky cheese, eating a burger topped with limburger will draw them in too. However, with appropriate yard protection you won’t have to worry much about being bitten on anywhere on your property.

Rather not spend the next nice weekend wishing you had effective mosquito control? Understandable! Call (678) 648-2556 to contact Think Green for a free estimate for effective mosquito control, and keep your weekend to yourself instead.


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